Massage Therapies

Well-being and Stress Reduction Support

Appointment Info

30 minute treatments:    £30 staff    £20 student    £20-£30 PhD/Masters

60 minute treatments:   £40 staff     £30 student    £30-£40 PhD/Masters

First appointments (approx 90 minutes) include a consultation  add £7

Mondays and Wednesdays in Chaplaincy Centre between 2pm and 7pm.

Other days at The Storey near Waterstones daytime or evening by arrangement.

Treatments with Chryssie

My services are tailored to help you better manage the stresses of university life, alongside the everyday pressures we all face as adults in a stressful world.

Treatment sessions allow time for talking, sharing, learning and practising easy-to-use techniques for breaking up the stresses of your day, helping you remember to breathe, pause, review and renew your energy to carry on.

My aim is to send you away with tools for everyday use to steady your mind and emotions as well as with less physical tension and stress in your body.

Appointment Options

You have a range of appointments to choose from, and can book whichever feels right for you.

You can make either a clothed or unclothed massage/acupressure booking, or a non-contact wellbeing/stress management booking.

If you are unsure, just email or ring me and we will find the best treatment to meet your needs at that time.

Treatment Options 

  • Aromatherapy – stress reducing full body massage with essential oils
  • Tsuboki – relaxing and energising Japanese hand, face or foot massage with light acupressure (clothed)
  • Hot Towel massage – total de-stress, full cleanse, hydrate and moisturise for face plus face and head massage with acupressure.  Or the same for feet and lower legs
  • Awareness Body Massage – during clothed or unclothed massage; a shared exploration of how the vital energies of your body are feeling, and what they need to help them flow more freely.
  • Well-being and Stress Management – a dedicated time to practise breathing, relaxation, movement and mind-body techniques. A little hands on seated and clothed massage can be part of this treatment

For more information about each treatment, please feel free to email or ring Chryssie                   07815 466 006