Chryssie BurgessChryssie Burgess BA Hons, IFPA, FSB

07815 466006

30 minute treatments £30 staff and £25 student

60 minute treatments £40 staff and £30 student

Initial consultations (approx 90 minutes) add £7

My route into Complementary Medicine came through 7 years of my own seriously compromised health with M.E., during which time I used only natural methods of healing and body work to make full recovery.

In 1992 I gained my Diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy through the International Society of Professional Aromatherapists ISPA (now the International  Federation of Professional Aromatherapists IFPA).

I have worked in this amazing field of healthcare ever since, both in private practice and for various Charities, Slynedales Cancercare, Healthy Living Centres, primary schools and Borwick Hall’s Wellbeing for Schools programme.  I’ve studied many more complementary subjects since then, and combine all this knowledge and experience in the treatment sessions I now offer you as part of the Natural Healthcare Centre team.

I’m basically passionate about health; understanding it and keeping it through whatever natural means are available to us.  That’s why being a part of the Natural Healthcare Centre team at the University is so special.  I have colleagues I trust who help me better understand their specialism, so that I can refer clients on to them if their line of work will create greater health benefits than my own.  It’s also great that our team is regularly invited to support many of the other staff and student mental health and wellbeing networks of Lancaster University too.

I have great respect for allopathic medicine and its good intent, but feel it is all too often over-used to mask symptoms that are trying to tell the body – and the person living it – something very important that needs addressing.  That’s the bit that interests me; what is the body trying to say through its symptoms, and how can we hear it and help it without damaging it in the process?  It’s my personal passion, and over 20 years I’ve specialised in energy sensing techniques and treatments to help me share and teach this approach to health and wellbeing.

I love running my business, and enjoy learning as much from my clients and customers as they do from me.

In my spare time I still enjoy my self-development courses, yoga, country walks, exploring Ayurvedic remedies and recipes, occasional gym sessions and creating my textile art through the medium of felt-making.

Please feel free to ring me or email me if you would like to talk about your health and ways complementary medicine may be able to help.

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Warmest wishes