Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique promotes balance, flexibility and co-ordination by teaching you to think in activity, and has potential to improve efficiency in all areas of life.

In a lesson, you will be given simple instructions and hands-on guidance to allow you to find out for yourself where and how you ‘hold on’, physically and on all other levels.

AT is a heuristic process. You will be given things to go away and practise in order to refine your awareness and skill. Once you start to apply the technique in your daily activities, you will notice changes in the way you move and think, which, over time allows you more freedom in the choices you make in life.

The Alexander Technique has been proven to help with recurrent back pain, (Medical Research Council funded trial 2009), and can be used to enhance performance in a range of activities from sports to public speaking. It has long been a feature of professional Theatre, Music and Dance training and has been advocated by many people in the public eye, including Paul McCartney, Sting, James Cracknell and Judi Dench.

The technique has been shown to enhance quality of life, improve mobility and increase lung capacity, as well as raising self-esteem and the general spirits enormously!

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