Massage Therapies

Appointment Info

60 minute treatments £40 staff and £30 student

Initial consultations (approx 90 minutes) add £7

Mondays and Wednesdays in Chaplaincy Centre between 1.45 and 7pm.

Thursdays and Fridays at Sibsey St, near Lancaster train station.

Earlier appointments may be possible.  Please ask


Appointment Options

You have a range of massage techniques to choose from, and can book whichever feels right for you.

If you are unsure, just email or ring me and we will find the best treatment options for your current health needs.

Every appointment is tailored to the needs of the moment, so you may experience a variety of the following techniques during your time with me.

  • Aromatherapy – stress reducing full body massage with essential oils
  • Swedish massage – tension relieving deeper massage, kneading and percussion movements
  • Tsuboki – relaxing and energising Japanese hand, face or foot massage with light acupressure (clothed)
  • Hot Towel massage – total de-stress, full cleanse, hydrate and moisturise for face plus face and head massage with acupressure.  Or the same for feet and lower legs
  • Awareness Body Massage – during clothed or unclothed massage; a shared exploration of how the vital energies of your body are feeling, and what they need to help them flow more freely.

More information about each massage therapy can be found on Chryssie’s Health Balance  website:

Contact Chryssie for more information.