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I was introduced to Alexander Technique as a trainee actor in 1990 and have been benefitting from it ever since, working for many years in Theatre and Education, as both Actor and Teacher.

It was FM Alexander’s natural curiosity and a desire to overcome his vocal problems on stage that led him to make his discoveries over a century ago. He was ahead of his time with his ideas about the connection of mind and body, and his belief in our capacity to change.
He discovered that by bringing the whole self into healthy, balanced alignment, we can all achieve freedom in how we think, move and live.

The technique Alexander developed has since been proven to help back pain and is used in a wide range of settings to improve performance, including sports, public speaking, gardening, office work and creative arts, as well as being invaluable for improvement of health in general.

With a background in Theatre, I retain an interest in how the technique can be used to explore creatively, especially how physical conditions affect vocal quality and breathing. I continue to work with actors and performers of all sorts, including dancers and musicians.

I trained as a Teacher of Alexander Technique from 2006–2009 at Fellside Alexander Teacher Training School in Kendal and have been practicing across Cumbria and Lancashire since then.

I love walking in the Lakes and since moving to Lancaster I’ve been enjoying the cycle paths and proximity to what the city has to offer culturally. My other loves are yoga and tennis. I’m eternally grateful to Alexander for the easy and pain-free life I can now enjoy to the full, while helping others to do the same!

Since 2012 I’ve been working with people with life-limiting conditions, such as Parkinson’s, MS, pulmonary disorders, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Cancer.

I have been a member of The Society for Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT) since 2006.
STAT monitors and insures all of its teaching members.

Mobile: 07796 117710
Website: www.alexandertechnique121.co.uk
Email: info@alexandertechnique121.co.uk

Elaine Hale

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